GESUNDHEIT – Magazine for members of the BMW Health Insurance Fund

BMW BKK (BMW Health Insurance Fund) is a closed health insurance fund which primarily serves employees of the BMW Group and their families. The members usually live close to their place of work, i.e. the BMW locations and plants, lead active lifestyles and are interested in sports and technology.


Modern, entertaining, informative

Relaunched in 2018, this print magazine is immersed in the world of BMW employees and members. Its cutting-edge modern layout communicates useful information on health topics, combined with offers and services from BMW BKK such as screening programs and new campaigns. The magazine also presents tips such as exercises that can be performed directly by the readers and that relate to the needs of BMW employees. Reflecting the family feeling present among members of BMW BKK and employees of BMW Group, GESUNDHEIT contains authentic features and photo features which focus on them as well as the employees of BMW BKK.