In an age of the information tsunami, and even information overkill, strategies must be aligned to the needs of people and target groups if they are to attract attention and gain a hearing in the future. Using SIGNS, sending clear signals, is the watchword for this new era.  We understand communication and all its challenges, and develop the right solutions, content strategies and concepts. Find out more in our signscom-Blog.



Companies that don’t understand their target groups can never build contact with them. We are avid researchers, experts at choosing and using the right stories and forms of contact to match the right personas in customer activation, customer relations marketing, and customer acquisition – and experts at selecting the right media: web SEO, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or XING – or premium-level print magazines.



Identifying, selecting and developing topics are a particularly successful part of our work and our approach at Journal International – The Home of Content. Modern storytelling with close and careful attention to detail, offering a stream of new and creative twists. We tell the perfect stories for the right personas and create interest, amazement – and magic.


Content hits its target – and does its persuasive work. This process has transformed classic corporate publishing into modern content marketing, taking an editorial-style (SEO) approach across all channels and media. Print is also experiencing a revival. As a true “value medium”, it establishes appreciation, depth, acceptance and credibility.



Ongoing monitoring, evaluation and response: we use an array of SEO and tracking tools to monitor and assess rankings and individual KPIs. The results are used to adjust and align content on an ongoing basis, ensuring the content system is continuously optimized and closely tailored to the needs of the target group. The editorial team always receives new recommendations for action, so that all learnings can be incorporated into content production.


Process security is the key to success. From search start to continuous content and media production, our implementation process is based on consistent, proven workflows, mature content management systems and precisely defined interfaces.