Bonus – Monthly magazine of VR Banken

Bonus provides interesting, clear and informative content about complex financial topics, with a consistent focus on the fields of pensions, financing, insurance etc.; the magazine also serves as a tool enabling VR Banken to take a proactive role in customer communication and generate interest and attention concerning these product areas.


Interesting topics give food for thought

By making the most of the variety of journalism tools available, the topics are crafted into stories to make them attractive and interesting for readers. Interviews, features, background reports, short tips and advice features plus emotionally driven “food for thought” items create an attractive themed world.


Cover stories featuring well-known interviewees highlight the topicality of the magazine and the expertise of its content. Over the past five years, over 100 celebrities from Anne-Sophie Mutter and Jürgen Klopp to Woody Allen have been interviewed for “Bonus” and showcased in the magazine.