Beauty & Life – Customer magazine of COOP Schweiz

Beauty & Life is targeted at customers of the Swiss supermarket and department store chain, COOP. Beauty & Life reinforces the connection between COOP and its customers. It invites readers to explore the latest looks and trends, features information about new products and helps readers to incorporate the products showcased in the magazine into their individual style.


Quantifiable success

The main objective of the magazine is to highlight COOP’s expertise in the fields of beauty and cosmetics, and to offer readers quality editorial content and reporting on beauty and lifestyle themes. By directly incorporating products available at COOP into the magazine, readers are encouraged to visit their nearest branch and try out new products. The magazine thus has a clear positive impact on sales.


The magazine is accompanied by a website at; here, beauty products featured in the magazine can be won, thus reinforcing the effect of every issue.

Beauty & Life